HUGS Plus Bible Study

Three different HUGS Plus options are now available! You can schedule an individual Bible study with Teresa on Tuesday afternoons.  Debbie has a group group Bible study on Wednesday afternoon at 1:00 PM and Sue offers a group Bible study on Thursday afternoon at 1:00 pm, as well.  Each study has its own curriculum.  Call the center for more information...or just show up the first time and the ladies will get you going!  These classes typically follow the HUGS Diaper Bag Ministry but you do not have to complete that study first.

Breastfeeding-Reassurance-And-Support (BRAS)

Nursing mothers or pregnant women who are curious about breastfeeding will receive support from fellow breastfeeding mothers and answers to questions they might have about lactation. Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Melissa Jackson from Arkansas Department of Health will meet young mothers Wednesday, September 19, 2018 at 1:00 p.m. at New Beginnings, 120 S. Conrad, Benton, Arkansas. Mark your calendar today and plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you.

Donor Mobile App

Great news!  You can now install the new mobile apps.  

1. NBPregnacy - This app has SO much information ranging from a period tracker to prenatal development and lots of stuff in between!  You'll love having it at your fingertips.  

2. NBPRCDonors - This app is great for our "On the go" lifestyles.  Take a look and soon we will start PUSH notifications.  We want to keep our partners up to date on everything that's going on at the pregnancy centers - from a baby's life saved to urgent prayer request and other information that you, as a donor/supporter, want to know about!