Is Your Partner Pregnant?

Are you shocked at the news of your partner’s unexpected pregnancy? Maybe you’re confused, happy, and sad all at the same time.

You can get through this, and your partner needs you now more than ever. It’s essential that you provide her with the support she needs –emotionally and physically.

Your First Step

Has a pregnancy caught you off guard? You may feel out of control and overwhelmed, but you are not alone. Many men ask themselves these questions when deciding how to proceed with the pregnancy news…

  • “What do we do now?”
  • “Can I financially support a child?”
  • “Is the baby mine?”
  • “How do we tell our parents and friends?”
  • “What about adoption, abortion, or parenting?”
  • “How do I support my partner?”

Acknowledge Your Own Emotions

It’s never a good idea to suppress your emotions as you navigate an unexpected pregnancy with your partner, as your feelings also matter in this situation!

Talk to someone you trust about your feelings going into this pregnancy journey. We are here to talk if you need extra advice or pregnancy and parenting support. You don’t have to do this all on your own.

Supporting Your Partner

Before thinking about the future too much, get pregnancy confirmation to confirm your partner’s pregnancy viability, which means it is living and progressing inside the uterus. There is a chance that the at-home pregnancy test your partner took is a false positive or was not read correctly.

Confirm whether your partner is experiencing an early miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy (where the pregnancy grows outside the uterus).

Before making a pregnancy decision, seek confirmation of your partner’s pregnancy through lab-quality pregnancy testing and a limited ultrasound at our center. Our caring staff can also help walk you through all your pregnancy options.

Learn what’s next today. We’re here for you!