Did you take a home pregnancy test and feel overwhelmed at the positive result? We know an unexpected pregnancy is a lot to take in, but you are not alone. Do you have questions like…

  • “How will I raise a child on my own?”
  • “How will I financially support a child?”
  • “What will my parents think?”
  • “Will my partner support me?”
  • “What will my friends think?”
  • “Can I continue school or college?”

Many women have been right where you are and received the support they needed to take their next step and find answers. It’s definitely not what you had in mind for your life right now, but help is ready and available. You don’t have to do this alone.

For Your Safety & Peace of Mind

Your health and safety should be protected at all costs, including confirming your pregnancy details. Follow up your home pregnancy test with urine lab-quality pregnancy testing at our center to ensure your results. Double-check that you are indeed pregnant before moving forward.

Once you’ve confirmed through pregnancy testing, we offer limited ultrasounds to determine your pregnancy options. An ultrasound is needed to protect your health and assess your pregnancy’s health, alerting you to potential complications.

Care You Can Trust

Our medical team is here to serve and support you regarding your pregnancy. We will not pressure you into any pregnancy decision but can offer you free and confidential services and support so you can make an empowered decision.

Talk to our team today to learn what’s next for you in your pregnancy and feel educated for the future. We can come alongside you and answer your questions as they come up. We care, and we will listen to your needs.

Schedule your free appointment to get started. You can do this step by step.