When women facing an unplanned pregnancy visit a pregnancy resource center, they may be worried about how their safety and privacy are protected. Determining a pregnancy decision can be a sensitive time, so it’s imperative that they feel they are in a trustworthy environment. 

At New Beginnings Pregnancy Center, we understand how important it is to be trusted. That’s why we ensure that all our services are free and confidential. This means that we won’t share your identity or personal information with anyone outside our center. Your information is kept private and protected.

What Confidential Services Are Available?

According to the Lozier Institute, “pregnancy centers maintain strict confidentiality protections as guided by federal, state, and local law.” This means they adhere to confidentiality guidelines and laws to safeguard every client in the center. Pregnancy center organizations also ensure that each center abides by high standards of care, so women can be sure they receive the best services possible.

Services vary at each pregnancy center and may include pregnancy testing, obstetric ultrasounds, options counseling or information, parenting education classes, and even post-abortion support. 

At New Beginnings Pregnancy Center, a variety of services are offered. We offer free, lab-quality pregnancy testing conducted by medical personnel. Women who have a positive result are eligible for a free limited ultrasound. Our center conducts both abdominal and transvaginal ultrasounds for women at a gestational age of 6-20 weeks. 

An ultrasound helps to protect women’s health and confirm key pregnancy details like viability, gestational age, and pregnancy location. This information also informs women which abortion procedure they may be eligible for.

If women are struggling to make a pregnancy decision or have already had an abortion, our center also offers free options information and post-abortion support. Depending on the woman’s comfort level, post-abortion support is offered in individual or group settings. We can also direct women to medical professionals who perform the abortion pill reversal.

We provide free parenting classes and material support like diapers, wipes, and food for those wishing to become a parent. Parenting isn’t always easy, so we want to do everything we can to ensure women have the proper information and support.

We’re Here For You

For more information about our confidential and free services, contact us today. We’ll be sure to answer your questions and help you book an appointment. New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is here to help you!