While you may be seeking an abortion to ease the anxiety of an unexpected pregnancy, know that abortion can lead to a variety of unwanted mental health effects.

Many women expect to experience some level of sadness and grief but can be shocked to hear that abortion may lead to long-term mental health problems like major depression.

To make the best decision for your health and future, read on to gain more information about abortion’s impact on mental well-being.

Abortions Impact on Mental Health

According to the National Library of Medicine, women have an increased occurrence of the following mental health disorders after having an abortion:

  • Major depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nervous disorders
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Substance abuse

These mental health issues can all be signs of Post-Abortion Stress Syndrome (PASS). Similar to PTSD, women with PASS may have flashbacks of the abortion procedure and even experience suicidal thoughts.

Who Is At Risk?

While it is difficult to predict precisely how a woman will be impacted by abortion, her unique circumstances may put her at higher risk for post-abortive mental health issues.

Studies show that a woman is at a higher risk for negative mental health effects after abortion when she:

  • Feels pressured to abort
  • Has conflicting maternal desires and moral beliefs
  • Has inadequate pre-abortion counseling
  • Has pre-existing mental health issues
  • Lacks social support
  • Has had a previous pregnancy loss

We’re Here to Help

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, weighing your options can feel overwhelming. Maybe you don’t want to be pregnant but are worried about the impact abortion could have on your health.

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